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At Hox Property Management, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of property management solutions. Our vast network consists of licensed and insured property maintenance professionals, each of whom has been rigorously screened to guarantee they meet our exacting standards of excellence and integrity. Our pledge is to not only manage properties with unmatched expertise but also to be the go-to resource for all property upkeep and repair requirements. With Hox, property owners can rest assured that their investments are in the best hands.

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Why Choose Us?

At Hox Property Management, we recognize that your real estate is more than just a piece of land or a structure—it's a significant investment, a reflection of your financial acumen and foresight. We understand the dedication, research, and commitment that goes into acquiring each property. That's why our property management services are designed not just to maintain, but to enhance the value of your investment. We're here to ensure that every decision made, every service rendered, is with the intent of optimizing returns and safeguarding your hard-earned assets. Trust in Hox, where your investment's growth and protection are our utmost priority.

What we provide.

Cloud Based Online Portal.

We provide an online portal for both property owners and renters to access, pay rent, request maintenance , and track all activity of your property in one centralized place.

Expertise by your side.

Our expertise stands firmly by your side. From the nuances of property management to the broader strokes of real estate investment strategy, we are your ally. Our seasoned team is dedicated to ensuring that every decision made is in the best interest of your assets,

Hassel Free.

Engaging our services means we handle it all. With our seamless management approach, you're free from worries and can trust that everything is in capable hands.

Our Services

Advertise Your Rentals

We’ll amplify the visibility of your available rentals, attracting a diverse range of prospective tenants for you..

Fill Vacancies

When a tenant vacates, we’ll swiftly take action to ensure the vacancy is filled, maintaining a vibrant and fully occupied community for you.

Handle Application Processing

Securing the right tenants for your rentals is paramount. Our team meticulously reviews all applications, verifying details to ensure each candidate aligns with your property’s standards.

Provide Full-Service Repair

When maintenance needs arise from your tenants, we’ll efficiently prioritize and address them, ensuring timely and effective repairs.

Complete Background & Credit Investigations

We’ll diligently vet potential residents, conducting thorough background and credit checks, to ensure they align with your community’s standards.

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