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Receive a cash offer from our network of locally screened cash buyers.

Absolutely no realtor fees. Guaranteed.

No closing costs.

Leave the property "As Is." Any condition, it doesn't matter.

Close in as little as 2 weeks.

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Client Reviews

your satisfaction is our main priority.

Egzon Xhemajli
Egzon Xhemajli
Alban helped me sell my uncles house just 2 days ago…….wow, what an amazing experience it was. Selling a house is not easy especially when you have absolutely 0 experience in the matter. Alban made everything super easy to understand, his calm demeanor kept everything very relaxed and made both me and my uncle feel very safe. On top of all that we got $25k over asking price on the house which was another thing that not only made it easier for us to sell but got us excited as well. I will %100 be having Alban help me buy my own house and look for a house for my uncle, and I recommend you do too !
Roe Wager
Roe Wager
There is nothing I can say that would even begin to be able to describe how much Alban did for us. He went above and beyond his position to make sure that we not only found the perfect home, but would be safe and happy in it for many years to come. My partner and I are so incredibly grateful for the amount of time he put in for us. He was there even when he didn't need to be and went beyond our wildest dreams. He made sure that we were set up to have a good life in our new home. I will always recommended him to the people I love because I know he will treat them like family. He will take care of you and make sure all your needs are met and is one of the most honorable human beings I've ever had the honor to meet. Absolutely incredible.
Justin Kutner
Justin Kutner
Alban treated us like family! He stuck with us for over a year as we waited out a tough market and moved fast when we found the right house. Will absolutely be recommending him to our friends.
Ross Frank
Ross Frank
Alban was great! I was selling a property while living in a different state a few hours away. Al handled everything from A to Z for me so that I did not need to travel back and fourth. He was always responsive when I needed him and got my property sold in a timely manner for a great price. I would recommend using Al as your real estate agent if you are in need of buying or selling a property.
ebon yumang
ebon yumang
very fast and easy process with Alban helping me through my first rental property.
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez
Alban was wonderful! Buying a house in general is stressful and he made the process simple and easy to understand for us. We were able to contact him at any time and he was quick to answer any questions we had. We appreciate his patience and expertise. He truly cares about getting you into the right home. Recommend to anyone looking for a realtor !
Christopher Gary Simmons
Christopher Gary Simmons
Alban is sincere and thoughtful. Knowledgeable and works with a solid team and network.  He is caring and insightful. Alban is able to assess and process to obtain the best possible outcomes and shows a genuine appreciation for the people he works with and for.
Robert Klostriech
Robert Klostriech
Couldn't ask for better services from Al. He goes above and beyond helping to make his clients feel like family . He is true access to the company.
Dina Mclaughlin
Dina Mclaughlin
Alban was great!!! Helped us with everything from start to finish on finding a place. He goes above and beyond to get the answers for all the questions and concerns about each property. He is very professional and I would highly recommended him. I will definitely be using Alban again in the future.
Kiersten Scargill
Kiersten Scargill
Al was a great realtor! He was very professional and went above and beyond for us. He was up front and honest with us through out the entire process of purchasing a home in this crazy market! We are very thankful for all the time and effort he put in to helping us find a home.

So... How does it work?

Selling your home “OFF MARKET” can seem like a daunting task. Our goal is to make selling your home as simple as possible. Below you’ll see an overview of what you will expect in your selling process. 

1. Book a call.

Fill out our quick form to receive a FREE no obligation consultation call on your property.

2. Receive an offer.

After our first meeting, we'll give you our best offer within a day! We base this offer on current market trends, recent sales, and the current state of your home.

3. Document Preparation

Once we settle on an offer, a trusted local title company will handle all the checks for liens or violations and get everything ready for the property transfer on closing day.

4. Closing Day!

Once our title company gives the green light, you can close in just 14 days. After that, you'll receive your check at closing, and the property will officially be yours. Cheers to a successful transfer!

But why sell off market?

Selling your home ‘OFF MARKET’ offers a streamlined alternative to traditional agent listings. Below, compare the advantages and disadvantages of using a realtor versus accepting a cash offer to determine the best fit for you.

Using a realtor.


Professional guidance and expertise.
Access to a wider pool of potential buyers.
Assistance with negotiations and paperwork.
Exposure on multiple listing services (MLS).


Realtor commissions and fees.
Longer selling process.
Potential for deals to fall through.
May require home repairs or staging.

Selling Off Market.


Quick and hassle-free sale.
No need for home repairs or staging.
No realtor commissions or fees.
No contingencies or financing issues.


Potentially lower offer price.
Longer selling process.

No professional guidance.

Limited pool of potential buyers.
Less exposure to the market.

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